Educating Melbourne.... One dog Lover at a time since 2003!

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With in home demonstrations, Doggy Party Plan has been educating dog lovers in Melbourne since 2003.

Doggy Party Plan has developed various services to help you& your pooch:

  • Birthday Parties for Dogs
    Fully Catered Birthday Parties or Do it Yourself Packs with lots of fun goodies for the birthday pooch and his/her poochy guests!
  • Product Parties
    Where the hostess/host can earn great gifts and discounts by gathering their friends for a fun and informative afternoon.
  • Shop Online
    An online shop for your favourite four legged friend!
    Browse through our selection of quality products for both dogs and cats.
    Order online and have the goods deliverd to your door.
    Be sure to check out our clearence items for a great bargain!
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