Educating Melbourne.... One dog Lover at a time since 2003!

About Doggy Party Plan!

I have an understanding of the IMPORTANCE a dog means to their owners & how much YOU mean to them!

Doggy Party Plan has been educating Melbourne One Dog Lover at a time since 2003 we are the original product party for dogs in Melbourne...

Doggy Party Plan has years of experience in regard to animals; Breeding, Showing, Walking, Pet Sitting and training. With over 15 Years of experience looking after dogs, I have the necessary knowledge for dealing with all your doggy product needs.

This experience has been enhanced by frequent attendance at pet Expos / Events regularly fitting and ensuring the products are correct for each individual dog.

Doggy Party Plan is about more than just SALES - we are here to educate the average dog owner. This is the key difference with Doggy Party Plan and other more sales based Party Plans.

Doggy Party Plan is a supportive and fun business focusing on responsible pet ownership, we are always looking to expand our volunteers and friends base that support and encourage Doggy Party Plan to Educate not JUST sell.

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