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DIY Birthday Packs!

You can organise, cater & experience your VERY own D-I-Y Doggy Birthday Party with a little help from Doggy Party Plan.

DIY Birthday Packs contain enough samples/goodies & advice to cater for 10 dogs!

Included in each DIY Birthday Pack:

  • x1 Birthday Dog - Bow Tie OR Bandana (depending on availability)
  • x10 Treat Bags - Each Treat Bag contains goodies, samples, treats & vouchers (These can ALWAYS be added to) These are for the individual dogs to take home with them, to remember the excellent day!
  • x1 'Pets Own' Milk - Ready to use to make 'Special' Milk Drinks
  • Full color Instructions of 'How to' make a 'Special' Milk Drink for your very own Birthday Boy/Girl
  • x1 Stainless steel Bowl - (for 'special' milk drink for guests or birthday Boy)
  • x1 Packet of Dried Liver Sprinkles (for top of the 'special' milk drinks)
  • x1 Cappuccino Frother - to allow for easy making of the 'Special Milk Drink'
  • x1 Full Recipe and Instructions for Doggy Birthday Cake (Nutritionally sound & safe for dogs)
  • x1 Packet of Various mixed treats to treat the dogs on the day of the event
  • Plus heaps of Ideas, Tips & Suggestions and even games for a successful D-I-Y Doggy Party.

All this for a low price of

To enquire about your own DIY Pack please submit your request via one of buttons below..

Packs are to be ordered at least 2 weeks prior to the event to allow for payment & delivery.

DIY Party Pack

A Do It Yourself Birthday arty Pack catering for up to 10 Doggies.
DIY Party Pack.... .... ....... $89.00


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